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Uranus quincunx Venus

A need to be different

Kelli Fox

Your friend will find you to be very unique and unusual, and they'll probably feel simultaneously attracted and repelled by the parts of you that go most directly against their expectations. It's safe to say that in some important way, you're not their usual type of friend, but something will pull you together anyway. Maybe just the strangeness of your bond itself will be enough to hold your interest, or theirs, but over time you'll both start feeling the discomfort and strain of being with someone who just doesn't match up with your ideals.

The ways in which you declare your independence and show yourself to be a unique individual will probably rub your buddy the wrong way. Perhaps they'll take your independence as an affront to your friendship. If being friends means a lot to both of you, you can work this issue out with time, clear communication and compromise.

Uranus quincunx Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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