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Uranus opposite Sun

A confusing tug of war

Kelli Fox

There will be a push-pull between you that creates conflict and makes your friendship interesting, but difficult. Your friend will trigger your need for independence in a big way. They'll unwittingly push buttons inside you that will make you take measures to establish your independence.

Projection is a real concern here. You could project your conservative side onto your friend, and of course, they'll be busy doing the same to you. They'll begin to see you as irresponsible, unreliable or needlessly rebellious, whether or not you truly are. It's likely, though, that your buddy isn't as in touch with their own need for space and freedom as you are. If you take care to set your boundaries in a kind, firm, understanding way rather than a rebellious one, you'll be able to teach them that important lesson about being true to yourself.

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