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Uranus opposite Saturn

Different ideas

Kelli Fox

Your progressive side will become even more radical in this relationship, as the parts of you that are most unique, independent and freedom-seeking butt up against your friend's traditional side again and again. Similarly, the parts of them that seek stability and emphasize responsibility will become even more conservative; that's just the reaction you'll set off in each other. Soon, your roles will be cemented: You'll be the rebellious, outrageous one who uses any opportunity possible to upset the apple cart, so to speak; while your friend will be the overly traditional stick-in-the-mud who is frightened of change and just wants to stick with the status quo.

Try taking a softer approach. You actually have quite complementary strengths, which, once blended, could have a surprisingly positive effect. If you can learn to work together rather than against each other, you'll find that your unique qualities enliven your friend's life, and their focus on stability grounds you.

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