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Uranus opposite Mercury

Mental projection

Kelli Fox

The biggest challenge of this aspect will be that you'll react to qualities in each other that are largely of your own imagining, even if they do have a basis in reality. Your friend will see your ideas as way too radical, even extreme. You, on the other hand, will see their thinking as entirely too limited and utterly unimaginative.

Again, those perceptions may be partly true. Your buddy does have a logical side that can seem to you to be overly rational. Similarly, you might well have a high-flying creative side that is comfortable with abstract concepts, but that in itself doesn't mean your logic isn't well-founded or your ideas viable. Still, you two will likely get into plenty of disagreement in which you use your perceptions of each other against each other. What to do? Open your eyes and your ears, that's what, and listen to what your comrade is actually saying, without judgment or defense. You'll probably find that they're actually quite intellectually different than you've been perceiving them.

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