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Uranus conjunct Uranus

Anything but what's expected

Kelli Fox

You each have some unique ideas about the world and your place in it. You have your own sense of humor, your own frame of references, and your own pair of metaphorical glasses through which you view life. In short, you're each your very own brand of genius.

And since you're very close in age, you'll probably find that the two of you match right up on these levels! You're aligned in your take on the world; when you get together you'll feel an excitement, an energy, and you'll both want to impress each other, to make each other laugh with bigger, brighter, bolder stories and ideas. With you two, it'll definitely be a case of the wackier, the better! You'll constantly try to one-up yourselves and each other in your continual quest for lively and interesting interactions. You won't have to try hard; interesting conversations and strange situations will seem to follow you wherever the two of you go together.

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