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Uranus conjunct Saturn

A grounded idealism

Kelli Fox

In this friendship, there will be a significant juxtaposition of your progressive, even radical side with your buddy's traditional qualities. You're each a blend of both, of course, but in this particular pairing, the parts of you that are most unique, independent and freedom-seeking will come to the fore, while your friend's need for stability and dependability will also be emphasized. Hmm, a blend of old and new, established and progressive, conforming and rebellious...sounds like a prescription for excitement, to say the least!

You two might clash on these issues from time to time, but you can actually really enhance each other's lives. You'll bring excitement, daring and spontaneity to your friend's life, and you'll help them avoid getting stuck in a rut of duty or obligation. In turn, they will help ground you and will bring a sense of stability to your life.

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