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Uranus conjunct Pluto


Kelli Fox

You've both always wanted to make things happen; even if it's just in a quiet way, you're fire-starters, with your eyes set on the horizon of the future. When you two get in contact, expect this quality about you to increase exponentially. Yours probably won't just be a simple, lighthearted friendship; instead, you can expect ideas to zing around between the two of you.

They'll come fast and furious, and you'll feel energized by all the possibilities they suggest. This is what this aspect is all about -- not settling for the status quo. You won't want to hold to tradition just for tradition's sake; you'll want to try things out in new ways and make things better. You'll do things differently from what's expected of you, that's for sure. This might be one of those friendships in which it's best just not to have any expectations at all. Instead, see where it takes you.

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