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Uranus conjunct North Node

Sheer Brilliance

Kelli Fox

The most original ideas and impulses that you have will serve as inspiration to your buddy in finding their own way in life. In this friendship, you'll focus on where you're going in your own individual lives. You come into this person's life to shake up their vision of what's possible.

After being in contact for a while, they might completely revise their goals, or how they've always thought they'd reach them. In fact, they could feel exhilarated when you're in contact, as if they've found in you their own, personal prophet, someone who'll juice them up and get them moving, thinking and creating! Your sheer brilliance will shine like a beacon to them, and they'll follow your light with excitement. This particular aspect could have something to do with science or technology -- you might push your pal to expand in these areas if it will further their career or personal goals. This aspect will shake things up and open both of you up to brand-new possibilities.

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