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Sun trine Venus

Affection And Support

Kelli Fox

You'll enjoy this friendship. If you meet face to face, you'll both love going out on the town, socializing and indulging together. There will be an easy feeling of goodwill and affection between you from the start.

Your personalities mesh well, as will your needs within the friendship. Basically, you'll be on the same page in terms of what you'll want to share and enjoy together. You'll both feel completely accepted and well-liked by your pal. There will be an open flow of affection that runs between you, and its expression won't necessarily always be verbal. You'll get along well and you'll enjoy the companionship you share. Your friend will encourage you to be more social. They'll support your goals and causes in life and will cheer you on as you find success. They'll also be able to support you through the rougher patches that will inevitably crop up in life. You two will enjoy your warm connection.

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