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Sun trine Sun

A Good Balance

Kelli Fox

You have great potential for a deep, long-term friendship because you're in balance with one another. You're not too similar, but you will understand each other well. That means that when one of you needs support, the other will be right there, ready and willing to give it.

When one of you needs to take some alone time, the other will understand and respect that as well. This friendship will give you plenty of room to follow your muse, whether that happens on a personal, emotional level or a more public or professional one. You'll instinctively know how to allow each other room to pursue your ambitions. The only potential problem here is a minor one: You might be so relaxed and comfortable with each other that the friendship grows a little bit dull or stagnant as a result. But as long as you're careful to check in with each other about what's going on in your lives, your connection should stay warm and vital.

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