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Sun square Uranus

Unpredictable At Best

Kelli Fox

You'll have some conflict from time to time. At first it might be mild and occasional, but as time goes on, you'll go head to head more and more often. You two have some basic and important differences when it comes to how you think life should be lived.

You're a bit more traditional than your pal, and they can seem unstable and unpredictable. You'll fight over issues of responsibility, morals and other subjects. If you're lucky, you'll be able to laugh at yourselves and each other, but these arguments could turn into painful disagreements that affect your friendship. Each of you will be subtly trying to dominate the other, and that will lead to some major clashes. This is a very unstable and difficult aspect to deal with, and it will take plenty of patience on both your parts to get past it.

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