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Sun square Pluto

A Difficult Friendship

Kelli Fox

It will be difficult to fully be yourself in this friendship because there will be a deep-rooted conflict between you two. Even when you first meet, you'll feel the effects of old, unconscious wounds rearing their heads in the present. You may feel as if you've come to this friendship for a reason.

You both have some painful deep-past issues that will come to the fore through your relationship. Transformation is needed, but there are problems. Resentments will build up as criticisms lead to tiffs, tiffs erupt into arguments and then intensify into full-on, angry disagreements. You're two different people; that's unavoidable. But this particular friendship won't serve either of you as individuals for long unless you make the necessary changes. You may find that over time, you'll begin to grate on one another's nerves. Your friend, especially, will make demands on you that can't and shouldn't be met. This will be a very difficult aspect to work with and will require much patience and compromise on both your parts if you're to maintain the friendship.

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