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Sun square Mercury

Miscommunication And Misunderstandings

Kelli Fox

Your communication could be tricky at best from the very start. You'll both come to the friendship with the best of intentions, but you'll probably start to irritate each other early on. You're each highly attached to your own, individual character and world view; when you communicate, you'll find that your experiences are at odds with your friend's, and one or both of you may feel threatened by these differences.

The problem is that you, especially, attach your ego directly to your opinions, which makes it difficult to step outside your own point of view to see the other person's take on things. Of course, if you're both hardy, adventurous people, you could look at this as a personal challenge: You'll both stand to learn a lot from each other, as you'll be required to let go of your own egos and strive to put yourselves in the other's shoes. But you'll need to make a concerted effort to expand your mental horizons for this friendship to succeed.

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