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Sun square Jupiter

Taking The High Road

Kelli Fox

Each of you has your own ideals in life -- what's important to you, what you expect from a friend and so forth. In this friendship, those ideals may not coincide perfectly, which can leave you both feeling slightly frustrated. The better you get to know one another, the more the issues may increase, but instead of talking things out and striving to understand the differences that exist between you, you'll more likely take the high road and try to be tolerant of each other, because there's a real bond between you that you'll both want to preserve.

The benefits of your friendship outweigh the difficulties, and neither of you will want to make a very big deal out of your differences. But facing the issues you share and communicating about them openly and honestly will help overcome any problems that you two may encounter, and will pave the way for a long and fruitful friendship.

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