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Sun sextile Uranus

Energetic And Fun

Kelli Fox

A lively sense of energy, excitement and uniqueness will make your friendship a lot of fun! You'll sense a kindred soul in your pal -- someone as unique as you are. And you'll recognize that here's a person who will be able to give expression to your wildest, weirdest ideas.

You'll be very creative together. What form that takes will remain to be seen, but in some way, this person will inspire you to new levels in your thinking and give form to your ideas. There will be a lot of lively and intelligent conversation between you, because you'll both be open to anything the other serves up -- no matter how out-there it might seem. Nothing will be too strange for you two; your friend will actually encourage you to think way outside the box. You're on a path toward personal enlightenment, so you'll be able to support that quest in one another.

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