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Sun sextile Saturn

Grounded In Practicality

Kelli Fox

Your buddy will naturally take on the role of guide or mentor in this friendship; they might be older than you or have more money, education or general life experience. Even if all of these are true, this should be a comfortable dynamic for both of you. There are plenty of things you can learn from your friend, and you'll actually want to learn these lessons.

Your friendship will be grounded in practicality. It runs deep and true and doesn't need qualification; you both just know what keeps you coming back for more. And precisely because you won't push one another to be someone you're not, you'll be able to grow as individuals in a natural way through the course of the friendship. After all, you both have something to offer each other: Your pal can offer that life experience and knowledge that you lack, and you can offer them a sense of freshness and vitality.

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