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Sun quincunx Sun

Adjustment Is Required

Kelli Fox

You two come from different places, either literally or figuratively. Though you may hold one another in very high regard, you'll find that your connection will sometimes seem tense. You might feel frustrated when trying to make yourself understood.

It's no one's fault; there's just a basic incompatibility between your natures that means it will take a lot of work to make things flow smoothly. You'll notice that you rarely share the same opinion or viewpoint on a subject. Any misunderstandings you have will come from ego conflicts that neither of you will have a great deal of control over. What you will be able to control, however, is how you view the situation. You'll have the power to consciously choose to view your differences as just the way you are -- not something that needs to be changed, but rather something that can be appreciated. Clear, open and nonjudgmental communication will be necessary if you think it's worth it to maintain this friendship.

Sun quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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