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Sun quincunx North Node

There's The Rub

Kelli Fox

When any of us makes a new friend, we sometimes join forces at a deep level, merging our own personalities, needs and ideals with those of our new pal. It's both natural and expected. But in this particular friendship, you'll have to be very conscious of this tendency, because you'll feel a certain level of incompatibility with each other.

It might not be apparent from the beginning, when you'll get along well and everything will seem smooth. But as your friendship deepens and you get to know one another better, you'll begin to realize that you have needs and desires that are quite different from your buddy's. It could bring up some irritation inside both of you. You might even feel at times as if you're dealing with a stranger, rather than with a good friend, but it shouldn't be a big problem if you can just accept the fact that you're both individuals and you can learn from each other.

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