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Sun opposite Sun

Opposites Attract

Kelli Fox

Either you two will get along like peas in a pod, or your friendship will be a challenge for both of you -- and you could swing back and forth between the two extremes. Your birthdays are about six months apart, which means you'll strike a great balance -- if you try. Communication is key here, because there will be times when you'll both feel as if you have no idea where the other is coming from.

The friendship between you will likely be compelling, even when the connection is difficult. You'll recognize, either consciously or instinctively, that you have a lot to learn from each other. In a sense, each of you has strengths that the other lacks. When you're functioning well as a team, the sky will be the limit. But when you're working at cross-purposes, watch out! Things could get really tense when you're out of sync with one another. As long as you both strive to appreciate your differences, you'll learn a great deal from this friendship.

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