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Sun opposite Saturn

Who's In Charge Here?

Kelli Fox

This friendship may have a heavy energy, a certain level of control -- possibly even guilt -- that will simultaneously bind you together and drag you down. Your friend will feel very vulnerable and will take on a dominant role in response. Instead of using trust and support as the glue that binds your friendship, they'll fall back on fear, guilt and obligation.

You'll represent all the qualities that make them most insecure -- personal strength, individuality, ambition, independence; yet you'll buy into their power games, as if they really do have authority over you. This friendship stands a strong chance of becoming all about responsibility and duty, unless you can gently but firmly resist your pal's attempts to control you through fear or intimidation. For their part, they'll have to face down any insecurities that come up and deal with the resulting feelings of vulnerability.

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