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Sun opposite North Node

Past Influences

Kelli Fox

The problem with this aspect is that it increases the likelihood that old, unconscious ways of interacting are the underlying appeal to this friendship. You'll probably feel comfortable together right off; your friendship will feel natural, familiar, as if you've know each other for a long time. But this is far less likely to be two souls from a past life reuniting than it is to be two people reenacting past relationships from this life.

Why is that a problem? Because it could mean that your growth will be stagnant in this new friendship, if you're just acting out an old one. There isn't room to grow within a relationship of any kind unless you're able to truly be yourself as an individual and to see your friend as their own person as well. You should both take care to examine your friendship closely and make sure that you're interacting as individuals in the present rather than carbon-copy figures from the past.

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