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Sun opposite Mars

Competitive Energy

Kelli Fox

Yours will be an energetic and highly competitive friendship. The need to do, to act, to initiate and to compete will come to the forefront in each of you. There won't be any sitting around when you two are together; you'll quickly learn that being lazy together leads to arguments and conflicts.

When you're not channeling your collective energy into team sports or physical feats of competition, or working hard together on a specific project, you'll tend to zero right in on each other's weak points. Your friend seems to challenge you at every turn. Both of you could feel as if your individuality or your ego is at war with your pal's; any disagreement will feel like a personal attack. In order to avoid the pointless flare-ups that could become a regular occurrence, you'll both need to stay positive and recognize that working together definitely beats fighting against each other.

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