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Sun conjunct Pluto

A Deep Friendship -- If You Can Handle It

Kelli Fox

No matter how strong you are as an individual, you'll find this friendship to be very compelling. It will hold a powerful sway over you, one you'll find it hard to ignore. Your feeling of friendship will run deep and things will be smooth at times, but at other times, you could feel as if you're struggling with feelings that are bigger than you can handle.

And even though you'll try to maintain your independence, you might find that your friend keeps acting jealous, possessive or controlling. Are they emotionally manipulative? It's very possible, regardless of all the good intentions you'll both bring to the friendship. If so, resentments will only stack up. Your needs as an individual and your pal's need to form a strong bond may not mesh well together. They might be jealous of your other friends or the time you spend away from them. Well, at least this is a good chance to learn to maintain your independence, no matter what your pal says or does.

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