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Sun conjunct Mercuryc

A Mental Connection

Kelli Fox

Yours will be largely a mental or intellectual connection. From the moment of your first contact, conversation will come easily for you two. You'll talk all the time, whether on the phone, by computer or in person, and you'll share a positive and enthusiastic mindset.

There'll be lots of joking around and sharing of information as you express yourselves in the ways that are most natural to you. This friendship will push you to be more creative as well as more self-aware. The longer you know each other, the more you'll appreciate this connection. On the surface, you'll share plenty of interests: You'll find the same jokes funny and you'll gravitate toward the same music, movies, sports and so on. But at a deeper level, you'll feel understood by your friend as a unique individual. This is a rare connection, so enjoy it -- and don't take it for granted!


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