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Sun conjunct Mars

Be Active Together

Kelli Fox

You need to get out and do things together; no sitting around in front of the tube for you! This friendship will be strong and vital from the start, and there will be some friendly competition between you. In fact, your aggressive tendencies will be brought forward in this connection, so take care that you keep them in check!

Remember, it's just a game, whether that means a game of cards or pool or whatever you're up to together. As a rule, you'll both know how to have a good time. You might play on a softball team together or take weekend hiking or rafting trips. There's a feeling of zest for life that will be created between you -- excitement and anticipation for all the doors that your friendship will open for each of you. As long as you both take care not to go overboard with your competitive or aggressive urges, this will be a lot of fun for both of you.

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