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Saturn trine Pluto

Change And Challenges

Kelli Fox

This friendship will support a lot of growth and transformation within each of you. You'll support each other's journeys and you'll trust and understand each other. Any issues that come up in your own life will be dealt with as a team, because you'll have a strong, motivated connection.

You tend to be practical and hardworking, and your amigo has a deeply rooted power that can be used not only to transform themselves, but to help you change your own life for the better. Just avoid the tendency to begin dealing with each new situation in the same, tried-and-true ways. You'll want to use the methods that have been proven to work, but doing so will discount the fact that new challenges will come up that are unique from previous ones. The point is to keep growing, right? So stay creative in your approaches to problems -- that way, you'll always have a positive effect on each other's lives!

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