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Saturn trine Jupiter

Working as a team

Kelli Fox

You'll make a great friends, as your practical side blends nicely with your buddy's expansive nature. When you're feeling pessimistic about the future or overwhelmed by all the steps between you and a particular goal, your friend will lift you up with a dose of their natural optimism. When they're flying high, getting lost in the broad view or otherwise losing sight of reality, you'll be able to pull them back down to earth and ground them in what's tangible.

Their vision will be matched by your life experience and practical knowledge of how the world works. What a team! Needless to say, this smooth combination of very different types of wisdom will work well in any project or problem-solving setting. Sometimes you might be overly mired in practicality, but you have a lot to learn from your friend's open-mindedness and their willingness to theorize and try new approaches.

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