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Saturn square Sun

Some serious tension

Kelli Fox

This could be a challenging relationship. Problems could arise from the very serious differences that exist between you as individuals. There will be an element of criticism and control between you; your friend will always feel as if their individuality, who they are as a strong, vital human being, is being challenged by you -- or even put down.

This could start in small ways, but if your friendship evolves into something more serious, your buddy's sense of humor will fade in the face of a feeling of burden and limitation that will only grow with time. After a while, you won't even be able to see one another as individuals; instead, all you'll see when you look at one another is a list of personal faults. You must both take care not to let this heavy, troubled energy overpower the other, lighter, more positive aspects of your friendship. Work hard to accept each other -- and don't allow excessive criticism obscure your sense of who you are.

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