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Saturn square Pluto

Disruptive Transformations

Kelli Fox

This aspect won't make things easy between you. Overtly, it'll feel to your chum as if you're a restrictive influence on the way that they would normally, naturally grow in their life; but subconsciously, it could be quite the opposite. Whether consciously or not, you'll each know just what the other needs to do to transform in life.

Some big, deep-rooted need for change exists in each of you, and your friend, especially, will ferret that out, perhaps without even meaning to. Whatever it is that you need to do to get to the next level of person-hood, your friend will zero in on it and press those buttons again and again. The problem is, having your buttons pushed can be really frustrating and annoying! But, the more you mature and grow, the less bothersome it will be.

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