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Saturn quincunx Mars

A trying energy

Kelli Fox

At first, you're likely to really admire your friend's drive and energy. Their vitality and ambition will excite you. But over time, you may start to view these qualities in a less favorable light.

You'll begin to see them as immature, unruly, undependable or even rebellious, when in truth, it's just that their energy -- which is, always has been and always will be out of your control -- is pushing your buttons and drawing your need for control to the fore. Anything coming from them that looks like anger, passion or unpredictability will set your nerves on edge, and you'll respond either by trying to control their behavior or by being passive-aggressive to show them how you feel while not engaging with them in (yet another) argument. This will be a frustrating dynamic for both of you, but you can change it if you work at it. For your part, you must realize that you can only control your own behavior and attitudes, and no one else's.

Saturn quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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