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Saturn opposite Mars

Working through power struggles

Kelli Fox

The fractious behavior that goes on between you on the surface -- arguments, power plays, tense standoffs -- will reflect some deeper issues within each of you that are playing against each other. You'll push each other's buttons, that's for sure. In your eyes, your friend will represent the part of you that's willful and unruly, and needs to be controlled.

In theirs, you'll represent their inner parent or authority figure, the part of them that inspires passionate rebellion. And so the dynamic between you could become like that between parent and child -- control versus rebellion. You'll work to discipline your friend, and they'll work to show you in any way necessary that they live on their own terms. If you have a strong and open communicative bond, that will greatly help ease the tension of this aspect. Otherwise, you might burn yourselves out with anger. But if you can work through these power struggles and learn to 'live and let live,' you'll both be better off.

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