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Saturn conjunct Mars

Complementary differences

Kelli Fox

You have some different yet complementary strengths; will you blend them together or use them as reason to push each other away? You often set an example of maturity and a willingness to work together, but it will be all too easy for you to slip into a controlling role and treat your friend as if they're immature, unpredictable or unruly. Of course, they have goals, drives and ambitions that are out of your control, and you'll simply have to accept that.

If you can't, your relationship dynamic will devolve a series of power struggles to determine who's the top dog. That's unfortunate since friendships are supposed to be between equals. That's where the maturity and self-control come in: You'll need to focus on controlling your own behavior and attitude, rather than trying to control your partner. If you can do that, then you'll be able to release the more positive potential of this relationship, which is combining your practical, grounded nature with your partner's sense of ambition and working together as a solid, capable, driven team.

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