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Pluto unaspected

Untapped Depths

Kelli Fox

There are no connections between the Pluto placements in your two charts, which means that you may not understand each other's deepest selves or sources of personal power. Pluto governs your most profound sources of power, your internal force, your untapped depths -- and those will remain untapped between the two of you, unless there are connections between one person's Pluto and the other person's planets (which is very likely!). You might never know what your friend is capable of; you might never get to a point where you can really connect with each other.

Pluto is all about personal transformation and rejuvenation, and with no points of connection between your Planets of Power, you will struggle to help each other move to the next level. But there will be other points of connection between you, and this is where you should hold your focus.

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