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Pluto trine Venus

Magnetic friendship

Kelli Fox

You'll find each other compelling, artistically, physically and otherwise, and you'll want to spend plenty of time together enjoying yourselves with all kinds of activities. You'll fascinate each other, and will be able to locate several areas of common interest that will feed your friendship. As long as you stay honest with each other, this will be a really positive aspect for your relationship, one that will deepen your connection beyond the level of most friendships.

You'll encounter some intense emotions, however, which you'll have to work through together. The powerful attraction between you could elicit your deeper, less pretty emotions -- possessiveness, jealousy, suspicion, obsession... As you become more deeply invested in the relationship, your insecurities may come to the fore. If you recognize that happening, just take a deep breath and refocus your attention on activities you enjoy together. It will pass.

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