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Pluto square Sun

A difficult bond

Kelli Fox

Your friend's strength and individuality may be two of the main qualities that appeal to you in the beginning, but paradoxically, they may also be the qualities that come to drive you crazy. Initially you'll love their independence, their vitality, their strong, elemental energy, in part because all of these will spark and challenge your own deepest source of power. But an intense and difficult dynamic could spring up between you as your buddy's individual style rubs you the wrong way and provokes your controlling side.

This could be quite transformative for both of you, but probably not without a great deal of strife. You'll unconsciously push your friend away with aggressive, controlling behavior as you try to force them to be the person you want them to be instead of the individual that they are. This friendship will have a positive outcome, if it pushes your buddy to be the person they're meant to be -- even in the face of your urges to control them.

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