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Pluto quincunx North Node

Keeping Things Balanced

Kelli Fox

Over time, your buddy, especially, will begin to realize that this friendship is more emotionally taxing and unstable than they thought and it's keeping them from progressing as an individual. They'll experience emotional highs and lows, and they might never feel comfortable when you're around. Having a sense of comfort, familiarity and support is an important part of the foundation of any friendship, but this one might lack in that department.

Your pal will feel as if they can't be themselves around you. If they're ordinarily a reserved or shy type, this effect will become especially pronounced. Your friendship will become off-kilter because you'll be taking up all the space while your buddy shrinks back, afraid to assert themselves. Don't let this happen! You can let your feelings be heard while still listening to your friends' needs. You'll both get a lot further along your respective life paths if you can do this.

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