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Pluto quincunx Neptune

For the sake of the bond

Kelli Fox

Your friend's emotional weaknesses will stand out to you in stark relief. You might even feel as if their vulnerability is crying out for you to step in and force them to become stronger. You'll want them to change for the better, so you'll probe anything in them that seems timid or indecisive.

But they're highly vulnerable to your influence, not to mention your manipulations, so this won't be a comfortable interaction for them. You'll likely confuse them; you may even increase their sense of general anxiety. Furthermore, you probably won't agree with their spiritual views, and you'll set about trying to get them to adopt yours. You'll do this in subtle, manipulative ways, which will make it all the more difficult for them to resist your control or talk about the feelings they're experiencing. Instead of trying to change them, try to learn from them. Their spiritual beliefs and sense of compassion are definitely something you can learn from, whether you believe it or not.

Pluto quincunx Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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