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Pluto quincunx Mars

Lack of compromise

Kelli Fox

You'll both feel drawn to each other by some sense of intense power, but you're aren't as well-matched to be friends as you'd like to be, which will become frustrating over time. You'll be aware of your friend's natural energy, and they'll acknowledge your own deepest source of power, but somehow you can't connect. You may feel the mismatch when you try to do things together.

You'll have one idea and your friend another, but neither of you is flexible enough to let go of your own plan and go along with your buddy. And what you lack in flexibility, you'll make up in anger issues. Depending on other aspects of your relationship, you two will have to develop a lot of tolerance to spend a significant amount of time together happily. A strong communicative bond will help, as will a mutual sense of support and working toward a common goal.

Pluto quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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