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Pluto quincunx Jupiter

Different needs for growth

Kelli Fox

Frustration will mount as each of you realizes that the way in which you pursue deep, personal growth doesn't really mesh with your friend's efforts toward broadening their own horizons and expanding their experience of life. For one thing, your urge for transformation has deeply emotional roots, while their attempts to grow are more intellectual in nature. The other thing is that you'll push them to transform themselves in a way that is familiar to you -- meaning, in the same way that you pursue personal change within yourself -- rather than respecting their own way of doing it.

You'll expect them to be emotionally driven like you are, and you'll be oblivious to their more logical, exploratory approach toward broadening their consciousness and their life experience. Lots of flexibility as well as a strong communicative bond will help you work through this together.

Pluto quincunx Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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