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Pluto opposite Venus

Transformative friendship

Kelli Fox

You'll feel attracted to each other from the start, and even irrevocably caught in each other's orbits, for better or for worse. Be forewarned: This relationship will put you through your paces, and while it will be intense and transformative, it may not be pretty. Powerful emotions will dominate your friendship, and there may be a sexual element, whether overt or not.

Your friend will be fascinated with you, but as your connection deepens and your inner urge to dominate them comes to the fore, they will start feeling like a fly trapped in your web. Your need for utter devotion will push you to behave in some very inappropriately controlling ways, such as dictating how they spend their time and with whom. The success of this friendship will depend on you learning to focus on yourself and your own issues rather than on the other person.

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