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Pluto opposite North Node

Stay Open To Advice

Kelli Fox

This aspect indicates that you shared a close connection in a past life and there are issues from that time that are still reflected in your current friendship. Those issues probably involved power and control, as if one of you had power over the other. What's more, your friend could feel quite held back in this lifetime if either of you chooses to focus on past issues instead of concentrating on the present.

Either way, you'll both struggle as a result. How can your buddy progress in their life if they refuse to remain open to change? You might each become quite stubborn about demanding what you think you need from the friendship, and you'll react strongly against any moves your pal makes in a direction that challenges you, even as they struggle to determine their appropriate life path. This kind of struggle will come up between you repeatedly, and it will be up to both of you to choose how you handle it.

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