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Pluto opposite Jupiter

Personal struggles

Kelli Fox

Pursuing personal growth and transformation in the ways that are most intrinsic to who you are could be complicated for both of you in this relationship, because your deepest source of emotion and power will run directly counter to the way in which your friend seeks truth, knowledge and experience. Whether you realize it or mean to or not, you'll project your own urge for change onto them and you'll push them to transform themselves in a way that is familiar to you -- meaning, in the same way that you pursue personal change within yourself -- rather than respecting their own way of doing it. You'll expect them to be emotionally driven like you are, and you'll be oblivious to their more logical, exploratory approach toward broadening their consciousness and their life experience.

In fact, it's difficult for either of you to understand the other's approach since it's so different from your own. You two will need a strong communicative bond if you're to work through this together.

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