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Pluto conjunct Sun

A chance to change

Kelli Fox

You like your friend's independence, their vitality, and their strong, elemental energy, partly because your own deepest source of power meshes with their energy and enhances their individuality. This will be an intense friendship; there are no two ways about it. You'll naturally ignite a spark within your friend that urges them to be as true to themselves as they can -- to capitalize on their own natural strengths and become the best person they can be.

You'll have a huge effect on them. Be forewarned, though; your friendship won't be a song and dance. You know that strength you'll draw out in each other? It could come in the form of strong emotions and the urge to control each other. You could push your friend away by behaving too aggressively or trying too hard to exert power over them. In the end, they need to be themselves, and you need to learn to let them. Whether this is an enlightening process or just a difficult one is entirely up to you.

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