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Pluto conjunct Pluto

Pop-culture in common

Kelli Fox

This is an aspect that each of you will share with all your friends that are around the same age as you, give or take a few years. It means you're of the same generation, so you grew up with the same ideas. Pop cultural references will abound between you; you'll be able to reminisce together about your favorite TV shows and movies as a kid, your favorite songs that you used to listen to on the radio, what was your first tape, record or CD ...

You'll have a great time talking about the old days, since you come from the same ones. And anything you missed, you'll be able to catch each other up on! This aspect in itself won't make you get along any better or worse; it just means that you came from similar times, so you'll have plenty to talk about. This is a generational bond more than a personal one.

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