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Pluto conjunct North Node

Powerful Influences At Work

Kelli Fox

This aspect's exact effects will depend on the rest of your friendship -- how well you get along, whether you'll have an overall positive effect on each other or whether you have a difficult time being friends. Either way, there will be a very powerful energy between you that will change both of you -- your pal, especially. This energy you generate together could even change the course of their future.

This will be the kind of friendship that will leave its mark on both of you, for better or for worse. Sometimes the emotions your friend will draw out of you will be hard ones to deal with, but that doesn't mean that you should shy away from them, or from your pal. Sometimes, the hardest work we can do in a friendship is also the best, most important work. You'll both find out things about yourselves that you might never have guessed at -- hidden wells of emotion, of strength. Somehow, the nature of your buddy's destiny will be shaped and defined by this friendship. Will they struggle against the power of this aspect, or will they allow themselves to be transformed, to graduate to a new level of personal evolution?

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