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North Node square Pluto

Two paths, diverging

Kelli Fox

rewrite: This relationship will be transformative for you, but the process of change won't likely be a pleasant or easy one. The part of you that is seeking personal progress will crash up against the deepest part of your lover, that emotional core within them that's pushing for change. Their inner power will shove you toward your own destiny, but only through intense emotional upheaval.

If you show any signs of not knowing where you're headed in life, that will really set them off; they'll respond by trying to force change and growth upon you. But their need for change is quite different from yours for progress; the transformation they're trying to effect doesn't match up with where you're headed. This aspect increases the chances that your relationship will be one long roller coaster ride; passionate blow-outs could become as common as passionate lovemaking. Your connection will take your lover to the deepest, darkest parts of their own psyche; they may discover feelings like jealousy and rage that they weren't previously aware they had. You'll certainly be forced to deal with them, but don't take the easy path by trying not to make waves. It's the conflict that you'll set off in each other that will illuminate your destiny. Trying to fall into step with emotions that have little to do with you will only delay the inevitable. But if you can push back against your partner's power, you'll find yourself breaking barriers within yourself that you didn't even know were holding you back.

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