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North Node square North Node

Obstacles in each other's paths

Kelli Fox

If you sense an undercurrent of resistance or struggle between you, it could be that your life paths just aren't running along the same tracks. You'll find that you have some very different goals, which could be a problem when you're really trying to get somewhere in your life. It will be really hard to find any commonality, or any way for both of you to pursue your own goals at the same time, without stepping on each other's toes.

The tension that will result will be subtle, but pervasive. You'll both feel it, and you'll both wish it could be resolved, but that might be much more easily wished for than accomplished. In fact, the best possible outcome of having this aspect between you will be that the differences between you will actually force each of you to realize your own path in life more fully, and to follow it resolutely, despite any obstacles or opposition.

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