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North Node sextile Uranus

Inspiring brilliance

Kelli Fox

You're on a quest for truth; you're seeking your rightful path in life, trying to live as you were meant to live. Your friend could provide just the rush of excitement, of energy, of truly fresh air, that you need to make personal progress. Your connection will be quite uncommon as well as unpredictable, and this is an energy that should be explored, even if it means your bond isn't quite as stable as you'd like.

In this case, stability may not be as important as shaking things up together! When you're with your buddy, you might feel as if you're poised at some kind of threshold, about to figure out something strange, wonderful and incredibly important. The truer they are to their unique self, the closer you'll come to your own true path. Exploring the outrageous together will lead you to wonderful place.

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