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North Node quincunx Pluto

Keeping things balanced

Kelli Fox

The part of you that is seeking personal progress will clash with the deepest part of your friend. Without consciously intending to, they'll do whatever it takes to shift your focus away from progress and toward their emotional will. It's possible that their inner power will push you toward your destiny, but only through intense emotional upheaval.

Their need for change is quite different from yours for progress; the transformation they're trying to effect doesn't match up with where you're headed. Whatever you do, don't take the easy path by trying not to make waves. There's no use in trying to pacify your buddy, as your very presence in their life will push their buttons; and the conflict that you'll set off in each other may actually serve to illuminate your destiny. If you can push back against your friend's power, you'll find yourself breaking barriers you didn't even know were holding you back.

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