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North Node quincunx Neptune

Elusive understanding

Kelli Fox

You'll have to try hard to stay focused on your rightful path when you're in this relationship, because you'll want to forge a deeply intuitive connection with your friend, and the difficulty you'll face in doing so could easily confuse your vision of your own future. You want a wonderful connection with someone who understands your goals and supports your progress. But you'll find that your buddy isn't very in tune with your vision of your future, and you're likely to feel deeply misunderstood.

The farther away your personal path feels from their nurturing support, the harder you'll try to bridge the gap. You'll have to work extra hard to maintain a sense of your own direction in life. Your buddy could even mislead you, either unknowingly or on purpose. Make sure to maintain an awareness of your own needs as you develop this friendship.

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